Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sofa's from the Centuries

Matrix, by Karim Rashid for Meritalia

Floral, baroque, folk, retro - ornaments are triumphantly back. In a new, modern, revamped version. Designers rediscovered the undeniable decorative power of all types of patterns and use advanced technologies to apply it in a new, creative way.
Time: Modern
Asymettrical, Floral, Nature inspired, Feminine: Time- Rococo
Victorians believed that success was in excess and this can be seen in all forms of the period’s art including fashion, jewelry, décor and furniture. The styles are often viewed as eccentric and rooms in a home were filled with furniture and other forms of décor to the point of appearing crowded. Victorian pieces were very ornate in design and furniture such as chairs, ottomans and love seats were densely stuffed and plump.

Time: Victorian


Gathered by: Michelle Baulieu

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