Sunday, October 23, 2011

My contribution

I'm in the proposal group of this project, and my contribution is to come up with the idea with other members in our group what we should focus on and try to write the new proposal.
Also I have done some brainstorming to think about the way to hold the exhibit and the signage. What I think is maybe we can combine the exhibit with the weather. For instance, like gothic furniture, what the feeling they give is serious, mysterious and gloomy, so may be we can put the exhibit in the rainy day to enhance this feeling. As for signage, I think maybe we can make the exhibit look like a book about the evolution of couches. For example, the guide system of the exhibit may be just like the content of a book. We can put paper on the ground and make it just like the paper in the book. The page number will guide the observers to enjoy the exhibit. All of the items will be shown on the paper which represents the page of the book, and the only difference is in the book the images are 2-dimensional, whereas in the exhibition is 3-dimensional. As we know, there are always some quotes in a book, so maybe we can just put some marks on the item that we want to show as the annotations, and put the explaination on the paper right below the items. These quotes maybe the influences of movements, political events etc. Here is my blog's link:

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