Sunday, October 23, 2011

My contribution to [I] Lounge

For the exhibition of the twentieth century American sofas for the [I] Lounge group, my contribution was to the signage and graphics groups. First, I researched some graphics and went back to my exhibition precedent blog post to revisit the information.
I organized the graphics with the same way a visitor will experience our exhibition. First, two large 36x24 banners will be posted in front of Gatewood building to draw attention to the exhibition. In addition, two 30x20 posters with a silhouette of a couch will be placed on the glass wall giving the visitors a glimpse about the event.
Also, floor graphics with enough contrast will be utilized as a means of way finding and depict the timeline of the artifacts. I also suggested that we provide 6x4 postcards for the visitors as a program.

Once all our artifacts are selected, my graphics group and I will determine the font style of our graphics, scale, and color selection in order to provide emphasis, rhythm, balance, unity, and proportion to our exhibition.
Each individual artifact will have an acrylic stand which will provide the name of artifact, designer, location, time and/or stylistic period, and a brief description.
Lastly, the exhibition will be properly advertised throughout the community with fliers, UNCG's homepage, and through social media.

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