Monday, October 24, 2011

my contribution

my role in the [i]lounge group lies in graphics and signage. to come up with our proposal much brainstorming had to occur. our group had to think about location (gatewood building), signage (banners outside to draw people in and on the glass wall to tell them what's there), and way finding in the space. i've contributed in helping the group get together and figure out our exhibit as well as making the blog and sending out the url to everyone. i've also talked with ayten and daniel about what the space will look like and the graphics going into it. from here we need to talk more about a statement that describes our exhibit, specific graphics that will be displayed on the signage (we were thinking about silhouettes of the artifacts), fonts that coincide with the look and feel of the exhibit, and the way finding on the floor (enough contrast to stand out but not too much to set it apart from the exhibit). for me, the main part right now is getting together with my group and discussing all of these elements and moving forward from here. i've had to play some catch up due to conflicting schedule details but from here on out i am 100% plugged in!

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