Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Precedent Study: Anthony Caro on the Roof at the Metropolitan Museum of Art: Ashley Bennett

In looking at exhibits, I became drawn to this particular exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Anthony Caro on the Roof exhibit is an outdoors exhibit of course placed on a roof top. The city view can be seen all around and adds to this exhibit to make it so grand. It is like the Backdrop of the exhibit. I feel the buildings help add to the verticality and curvature forms of the sculptures. The sculptures are placed within one set area, but set off from one another so that each piece can be observed and looked at a 360 degree view. It allows people to walk all around the sculptures as well as interact with it. They also have seating placed along the perimeter of the space facing the sculptures so people may sit and look at the sculptures beauty. The information for the sculptures are placed along the perimeter walling. Our group has discussed possibly putting our exhibit in an outdoor/rooftop kind of atmosphere and how that might play into our concept. So when I saw this exhibit I knew it was perfect to talk about. It shows us how someone has looked at the outdoors for an exhibit and how placement was made. There is not just sculptures lined up to each other, but rather placed separately onto one surface.

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