Tuesday, October 4, 2011

precedent study: Lee Ufan: Marking Infinity:Sangni Qu

When looking for exhibitions, I was totally impressed by Lee Ufan's art works. The exhibition held in Guggenheim Museum of New York is about Marking Infinity, which is organized to reflect Lee’s method of working in iterative series and spans the 1960s to the present.Lee’s sculptures, presenting dispersed arrangements of stones together with industrial materials like steel plates, rubber sheets, and glass panes, recast the object as a network of relations based on parity among the viewer, materials, and site. Looking at the pictures above, the way he used light, materials and the spatial distribution he designed all present a beauty of static state. Associated with our project, this won't be a bad idea to present the exhibition. Using light and spatial contrast to make a space, we can easily guide others to follow the exhibition which will lead to a better understanding of our work.

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