Monday, October 24, 2011

Contributions- Ashley Bennett

My contributions to this group is being a part of the proposal group. As having this role, I plan to contribute my time by researching more on our concept, writing and editing the groups proposal, and help the other groups with artifact choosing and graphics ideas. I also plan to help my group communicate with one another and to help inform the others in my group on what we discuss and are doing.

My Idea for a sign would be to have a long rectilinear sign that is visible from far away. It would have several patterns fading into the next showing the 8 or so we decide to use. In the graphics ideas, i also think we should have signs directing people through the space by how we want them to take it in. I think we should also have individual signs at each artifact explaining how that pattern came to be and was chosen. Each of these signs would have the same pattern on it as the one on the big sign that represents that artifact.

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