Friday, October 28, 2011

My Contribution

My Contribution was put on my personal blog on Tuesday:

As you know, my group's concept is to focus on political and social influences on couches/sofas in the 20th century. So far, we have worked very well as a group. Everyone has had an equal voice and everyone has contributed. I am a part of the artifacts group. My group and I have compiled to different sofas we want to use as well as tie the history of them to our concept as well. I decided to be apart of this group because it has always been an interest of mine in history of design classes to figure out the influence of certain design characteristics. I am good at researching and digging deep to connect the influence to the piece of furniture or whatever it may be. I think I can relate the information and connection of the two in a way non-designers would understand. As for coming up with our concept and the way we'll approach things, it really has been a group effort. Every person has contributed ideas and concepts that has lead us to the next thing. For our recent proposal, everyone was e-mailed and given the opportunity to change it or suggest things. Even though we have separate groups, we do not work completely separate. I have enjoyed being able to work with non-majors and 2nd year students. It has been a breathe of fresh air to have new minds to bounce ideas off of.

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