Thursday, September 29, 2011

1920s,1970s, and 1990s pattern couches by Ashley Bennett

 In looking at the different patterns on couches within different time periods, I have come across three that I feel show a strong contrast in pattern, style, and color choice. Also, one can see the changes in the the form of the couch and perhaps its uses. Though that is not our focus, I feel it adds to the contrast of couches through time.  Below is representations of patterns on couches in the time periods: 1920s, 1970s, and 1990s.

In the 1920s, couches were very elegant in style. Patterns were not bold. Instead they blended in with the main color which was typically white, ivory, etc. This couch, a Duncan Phyfe, shows form, flow, and a light whimsical look. If we look at the feet of couches and how they change, we can see that in this time period, "claw feet" were common. This particular couch shows aspects of the 1920s in pattern, color, and form.
1920s Pattern & Style

The next time period I chose to look at was the 70s. As we all know the 1970s, Hippie Era, was focused on world peace. During this time people tended to be more spontaneous. Hence, that is why in this picture below we have a loud print and bolder colors; that is what consumed the interiors of homes, appliances, etc. Colors typically seen were orange, green, gold, brick, rust, yellow. Also during this time period they were headed toward a more high tech look with metal and plastic furnitures in bright primary colors. In looking at the couch form, one can also see that it is more straight and has generally no curves to it.
1970s Pattern & Style

A big difference was made in the 1990s. During this time, we see couches having more skirted bottoms. They also use more neutrals and "real" colors. The couches typically involved combining two patterns together (like you see on this couch) where they may have a stripes and a floral pattern on one couch.. These two patterns were common during this time as either on a couch separately or combined together as below. In looking at the form of the couch, it is more "fluffy" and there are more cushions. 
1990s Pattern & Style

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  1. I have that same 70's sofa in the same pattern only in blue.